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To view the statistics for this link, visit . Also, to check the statistics for any link, just add "/stats" at the end of that link.
Not just a URL shortener,
It's your
link blogs
Create infinite number of pages with one account also with no limit to the content you put in them.
Your pages are so customizable that the customizability seems to be at the pixel level.
View and compare the statistics of the views on your pages and of the clicks on your links.
Add links, write blog posts, add social media follow icons and much more on just one single page. Drag and Drop your snippets flawlessy in any order you want them to be.
A glimpse of the options you get to customize your page. Not too many to play with your head, not too less to make you feel powerless. Balanced.
Embed content from your favorite websites
Also, your short links will look like,
You shouldn't wait any longer!
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