In 2019, I started out as an indie game developer under the name , primarily focused on developing HTML5 games. Currently, I am working on some projects which are targeted for the Android and iOS platforms, thus shifting towards the native market.
I have worked with and have developed 15 remixable hyper-casual games.
Escape Master is a rewarding and challenging puzzle game. The Level Editor VCC makes it easy for remixers to create new custom levels, and because of how easy and intuitive the interface is, a remixer can add dozens of new levels in just a few minutes.”
— Koji Developer Newsletter
“On desktop, Meteor Shower feels like a classic Windows game that uses the mouse to control the player. It's an intense game that ramps up quickly, and the effects are not only visually impressive but very customizable in a remix!”
— Koji Developer Newsletter
Rush N Climb does so many things right: well-executed controls, great visuals and particle effects, and simple but rewarding gameplay. Another template that has a ton of remix potential!”
— Koji Developer Newsletter
“If the 4x4 grid looks familiar, you will probably recognize Image Combine as the very popular math/puzzle game 2048. In this case, however, the developer has replaced the numbers with images, and by combining the images, the player creates new ones. The logic and gameplay are faithful to the original, which means anyone who has played 2048 will immediately understand this game. There are also some really nice animations and effects which make this a great template.”
— Koji Developer Newsletter

I have participated twice in the GMTK Game Jam (2020 and 2021).
The Silent Platformer with No Platforms (2021) was placed at #624 in overall ranking and at #418 in originality ranking among 5,745 games.
Pandemic Cashier (2020) was placed at #2107 in overall ranking and at #1561 in originality ranking among 5,324 games.