How to add a logo on your page?
To add a logo or a header image on your page, open your page while logged into your account. You'll find a blue edit icon above the title of the page, clicking on which will pop up a dialog box.
Header Image Edit Button
Now, click on "Upload Image" to select an image to upload. As soon as you select the desired image, it will start uploading.
Header Image Upload Dialog Box
Header Image Upload Dialog Box while the image is uploading
When the image finishes to upload, you will see a dialog box like the one in the annotated screenshot below.
Header Image Upload Dialog Box when the image has finished uploading
This range slider is used to scale up or scale down the size of the uploaded image.
This range slider is used to change radius of the boundary of the image area.
Click this button to remove the current uploaded image if you don't want any image to be visible on your page or if you want to upload a different image.
You can drag the image with your mouse (or your fingers if you are on a mobile device) to position your image inside the boundary. The image will be cropped according to this boundary. Clicking on "Save" button will crop and save your image and your image will be visible on your page.
So, this is all your need to know to be able to add a logo on your page. Now, the next good step would be to know how to drag and reposition your link snippets in any order you want them to be.
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Last updated Nov 25, 2020
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