How to add follow icons?
To add social media follow icons, click on the button "New Snippet" (placed in the menu at the bottom left corner). This will pop up a snippet menu with different snippets to choose from.
"Page "myfirstsub" in customization mode taking the left bottom menu into focus"
At the time of writing this tutorial, there are three different options available for a snippet which are a link (or an embed), a blog post and follow icons. You'll see more of them every few days. So, here we'll click on "Follow Icons".
"Add a snippet" dialog
After clicking "Follow Icons" from the menu, you'll see a preview panel where your added icons will appear, a form for adding follow icons and an appearance section where you can customize the color and size of the icons. You can drag and move the icons in any order you want inside the preview panel.
New "Follow Icons" dialog
New "Follow Icons" dialog while repositioning the icons
Hit "Add" when done to add these follow icons on your page.
Page "myfirstsub" with the follow icons added on the page
So, this is how you add follow icons on your page while in customization mode. Now, the next good step would be to know how to customize your page, two related tutorials are mentioned below.
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Last updated Dec 16, 2020
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