How to embed content on your page?
You can easily embed content from supported websites on your pages. Following is the list of all the supported websites and content types.
YouTube Videos and Playlists
Instagram Posts
Spotify Playlists, Podcasts, Artists, Albums and Tracks
Twitch Live Streams and Clips
Twitter Tweets
Soundcloud Tracks
Vimeo Videos
Dailymotion Videos
Google Drive Folders
So, if you want to embed content from any of these supported websites, you simply have to shorten that link using the link shortening form as we did in this tutorial. When the link is shortened, click on "Post this link to your page". Now, since the link which is shortened in the form below is supported by us, you could see two extra buttons as compared to form you would have seen in the previous tutorial.
Link shortening form
In the screenshot above, the two marked buttons function as follows.
Click this button to post a link snippet for this link on your page (this option is selected by default).
Click this button to embed the content of this link on your page.
When you'll click the "Embed YouTube Video" button, the video will get embedded on your page instantly. You can then open your page in customization mode to change the size of your embed if you want to.
Link shortening form
Page "myfirstsub" in customization mode
Now, if you click on "Edit", a dialog box will pop up which will present you some options to customize your link. In case of an embed, there will be only one option to change the size of your embed.
Edit Link Dialog Box
The annotated sections in the above screenshot function as follows.
This toggle button is used to switch between a regular link snippet and an embed.
This range slider is used to change the size of your embed.
So, this is all you need to know to be able to embed content of a supported link on your page. Now since you have learned how to add a link on your page through various ways, the next good step would be to know about how you can customize your pages' looks.
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Last updated Nov 23, 2020
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