How to reposition your snippets?
To reposition your snippets, open your page while logged into your account. On the bottom left corner of the page, you will find a small menu. The first one will read "Reposition Snippets" and the other two: "New Snippet" (which can be clicked on to pop up a snippet menu) and "Preview Page" (to view your page as a visitor).
Page "myfirstsub" in customization mode
Now, click on "Reposition Snippets" to fire up the snippet dragging mode which will look like the one in the screenshot below. There are three sections: Header, Main and Footer. The header section is at the top, then comes the main section and then the footer. The layout of the main section can be changed from the customization panel. You can drag and drop any snippet from any section to the other. So now, as you can see below, I am dragging the Spotify snippet from the third column to the second one.
Page "myfirstsub" in snippet dragging mode
When you'll drop any snippet to the desired position, the order will be saved automatically.
Page "myfirstsub" in snippet dragging mode when the order is saved
So, this is how you reposition your snippets. In case you want to know how to customize your page, two related tutorials are mentioned below.
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Last updated Nov 25, 2020
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