How to shorten a link with a subdomain and add that link to your page?
To shorten a link with a subdomain name, it is required to create a page on, if you haven't already. If you have one, you're good to go. Also check out this tutorial which takes you through the process of creating a short link without a subdomain name and you'll find no difficulty at all in understanding this tutorial. Now the screenshot below has the link shortening form with the pages' menu in an expanded state. In the first tutorial we created a page named "myfirstsub" which you can see below in the menu along with "none" which we chose while shortening a link without a subdomain name. Now, to shorten the link with a subdomain name as, choose "myfirstsub" by clicking on it.
Link shortening form
In the screenshot below, you can see a shortened link with the custom subdomain "myfirstsub" with a serially generated short link "0" since the custom short link input was left empty. You can click on the link to copy it to your clipboard. Now, if you see there is a black bar with a check box at the bottom of the shortened link which states "Post this link to your page". To add this link to your page, click on this bar.
Link shortened with a subdomain
After clicking on "Post this link to your page", will try to grab the page title of the link and will post it on your page with this title, if successfully grabbed, otherwise the link will be posted without any title which you can edit right here in this dialog box or on your page while in customization mode.
Link shortened with a subdomain and added to page
From the screenshot above, the annotated sections are explained below.
Click this button to add an image with this link on your page.
Click this button to edit the title of this link right here in this dialog box.
Click this button to open up your page ( in this case) in customization mode.
So, this is all you need to know to be able to shorten a link with a subdomain and post that link on your page. Now, how about embedding content of your links to your page directly instead of these plain regular link snippets?
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Last updated Nov 23, 2020
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